So far AllChem Asia has been concentrating only on domestic market. Now having captured a vast segment of domestic market, the company is rearing to diversify in export segment too in a big way.

Our unit has some of the latest machines in the pharmaceutical industry which enables us to provide world quality pharmaceutical products at optimal costs. AllChem Asia plants manufacture more than 100 finished pharmaceutical products. To provide further impetus to growth of our production unit, we are also planning both strategic acquisitions and investments in other investment friendly destinations across the globe. Our core advantages are its extremely low cost base, experienced staff, high quality research, delivery on time, state of the art facility & equipments, and fast-formulation development meeting the necessary regulatory requirement.

Special laboratory for thorough analysis and quality control

After the end of the production cycle, a sample of each finished product is sent to a special laboratory for thorough analysis and quality control.

Our quality control department ensures the quality of all finished products, and follows the requirement of the latest editions of international pharmacopoeias such as (U.S.P.) and (GMP). We have ambitious plans to register our comprehensive range of products with different countries and hope to capture sizeable share in Arabian Gulf countries, Tanzania , Sudan , Somalia , Bosnia , Tanzania , and Romania in next two years.

Keeping in mind the quality, growth and customer service. Our every plant is WHO GMP certified which makes us easier to achieve our aim to provide the qualitative products and services rather than quantitative.

AllChem Asia also open to strategic tie ups with various regional players in various matters as equity participation, technology transfer or with companies that have strong regional presence or by contracting manufacturing in terms of (OEM) or a private label.

Market Presence

Market Presence

AllChem Asia has the market presence in Latin America , Peru , Chile , Dominic republic, Burma, Bhutan , Sri Lanka , Malayasia , India and Singapore