Our Mission

Our Mission is to open, develop and bring to market innovative medicines that help patients overcome serious illness.

AllChem Asia logistics scheme

AllChem Asia logistics scheme is selected on this table. It shows all the stages of the company's work. You can see here the complete cycle that passes the product, before you get to the consumer.

Our commitment

We are committed towards all stakeholders (patients, partners, employees, international communities, shareholders) to act on the belief that an invaluable component of every drug are the high moral qualities of its Creator. We have created an effective management system, and we follow high ethical standards of conduct. We are committed to openness and dialogue with all stakeholders to improve understanding of the needs of our customers. We commit to rational use of economic, social and environmental resources and to be guided by these principles in working with partners and suppliers.

In relation to our patients and clients

We pledge to use advanced scientific knowledge and to invest in research and development in Biopharmaceuticals in order to create high quality innovative medicines for patients suffering from serious diseases. Strictly applying sound scientific approaches to clinical results and economic component of the treatment, we develop medicines that improve the quality of life of patients. We strive to make information about drugs released to the market, is widely available.

In relation to our employees

Our team is multinational, it brings together representatives of many peoples and cultures. Health, safety, professional development, balance between work and rest, fair and respectful treatment of our employees is among our priorities.

In relation to the international community

We encourage civil liability, which contributes to the health of the population and rational use of society's resources.

This table shows all the categories of AllChem Asia personnel.

This table shows all the categories of AllChem Asia personnel. You can see how many people care about you - our client, fitting all your efforts to ensure that you are healthy and active.

AllChem Asia logistics scheme

On this table you can see, for the treatment of which diseases, the medicine AllChem Asia is produced. We develop and produce medicines every day, trying to make them better and cheaper than other companies.

In relation to our shareholders

We strive to achieve consistently high performance and growth in shareholder value.

In relation to the environment

We encourage a careful attitude to natural resources and strive to minimize the impact of the activities and products of the company on the environment.

We use science-based innovation to address some of society's most challenging healthcare issues. We discover and develop breakthrough treatments and find new ways to deliver them to as many people as possible. We also aim to provide a shareholder return that rewards those who invest their money, time and ideas in our company.

Today, AllChem Asia– is inspired by patients to revolutionize the research, development and manufacturing of innovative, high-quality medicines that help people live longer, with a better quality of life, giving more time to do the things that matter to them. To do our best for patients, we do not accept the status quo. We work to reach more patients worldwide so that patients and society can benefit as quickly as possible.

More than ever, AllChem Asia has a truly global reach. We have the advantage of extraordinarily talented and globally diverse employees who, through shared goals and different perspectives, are dedicated to helping improve the lives of cancer patients around the world. Our broad pipeline with over 30 new molecular entities in development enables us to change the practice of medicine, and to bring more breakthroughs with real benefits to patients and society.

We continually challenge ourselves to the highest standards of compliance, integrity and performance in all that we do to ensure a sustainable future of innovation for patients, society and Novartis.

Our mission remains constant — We endeavor to deliver novel medicines to patients worldwide through our commitment to science, breakthrough innovation and passion for improving the lives of patients.

And, we are working every day to achieve our aspiration — By concentrating the power of leading scientific minds and the vast resources of a global pharmaceutical company, we are finding innovative ways to improve the treatment.